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A Chat With Former Coach of the BYU Cougarettes Jodi Maxfield – LDCPS3E23

Jodi Maxfield danced as a Cougarette at Brigham Young University back in the day, but as a coach of that program for 30 years, she built the program into the internationally celebrated and acclaimed powerhouse that it is today.  This legend shared so many valuable pieces of advice, tidbits of info, and all kinds of helpful tips.  We talked about the evolution of the BYU Cougarettes, how coming from a special and devout environment really bolstered the team in big and small ways, tips on working with choreographers, tweaking and cleaning choreo, building team culture, how to build a successful team, her favorite routines and sweetest victories, and how she balanced a successful career with a family and home life that she loves.  Listen with a notebook and a box of kleenex.  

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