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A Chat With Judging Expert Joni May – LDCPS4E19

Joni May is an Advertising Professional with a varied background in Dance Team Judging and Coaching. She is the current Co-Director of the NDCA Judging Credentials Program. Joni has authored and taught a judging course in England and Scotland for dance team judges and worked with competitive teams in those countries. She was a founder and former Executive Director of TeamDance Illinois, a competition and education circuit that served youth through collegiate teams from 2007-2014. Joni has served as a dance team judge, official and trainer for over 25+ years, judging for Dance Team Union, multiple state and for-profit circuits. She worked as part of a TDI team that developed and managed a comprehensive judge training academy and certification program. She has coached, choreographed and consulted with teams in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. She lives in Denver, CO and is the mother of four sons. She feels it is a privilege to work with the student dancers, coaches, supportive families, schools and organizations who all do their part to bring these performances to each competition.

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