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A Chat With Dance Team Expert Mishra Keller – LDCPS3E25

Mishra Keller has been a competitive cheerleader, dancer, choreographer, instructor and judge so her perspective comes from years of experience.  Her perspective is also unique because she through her company Nutrisults, she offers a holistic approach that beautifully translates into dance teams, individual dancers, choreographers, and coaches.  We talk about choreography, improving routines and maximizing a team’s potential in common scoresheet captions.  Her answers are different and I think come at the perfect time as seasons are either gearing up for competition, or wrapping up after competition.  We also talk about doing what is best for all areas of your life through nutrition and fitness, and correcting previous damage that may have been done both physically, emotionally and mentally.  Mishra has a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to body image and what she has to say will help our dance team community continue on a more inclusive approach and will help those of us who have struggled with this in the past to heal.  So much great info from this dear friend and mentor!  

You can find Mishra at community.nutrisults.com

She’s also on Clubhouse doing all kinds of great things in the Nutrisults Community @holisticmish

Mishra’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutrisults/

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