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A Chat With Proactive Coaching’s Rob Miller – LDCPS3E7

Rob Miller has influenced and guided the most successful and significant dance team coaches through Proactive Coaching, an organization that  works with coaches to help them create character-based team cultures, provide a blueprint for team leadership, develop confident, tough-minded competitors, and train coaches for excellence and significance.  He is one of my favorite speakers, and I’m so thrilled that he’s on the podcast!  We talked about what makes a team great, the six levels of coaching, how to use words when coaching, teaching character, confrontation styles and building confidence.  Listen with a notebook because these are not only great coaching lessons, but life lessons as well!  

You can learn more about Proactive Coaching at this link: https://proactivecoaching.info

And contact Rob at this email:  rob@proactivecoaching.info

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