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A Chat with NDCA Founder and Dance Team Expert Teri Rowe – LDCPS3E3

Teri Rowe’s dance team experience goes way back!  She has coached and judged dance teams at the middle school, high school, college and all-star levels for over 30 years. Her teams earned numerous state, national and world championships, and she has also served as the President and Vice President of the Washington State Dance/Drill Coaches Association. She was honored as a Lifetime Member in 1999 and selected to the WSDDCA Hall of Fame in 2012.  She is one of the founding members of the National Dance Coaches Association, an organization that continues to offer support and invaluable tools, resources and networking opportunities for dance team coaches all over the country.  On this episode, she offers so much advice and insight on coaching and its many facets including perfecting choreo, motivating dancers, dealing with different age groups, and how to maintain your own sanity and drive.  I love learning from this energetic force that is Teri Rowe and you will too! https://nationaldancecoaches.org

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