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BONUS Episode: Pumpin’ The Brakes With Larkspur

One of the most listened to episodes of the podcast was at the end of Season 2.  It was during a very uncertain time of the pandemic, and I just picked up a microphone and started talking.  This episode is done in that same spirit.  I’m joined by Larkspur members Kayla and Natalie (our precious Cassie couldn’t make it due to being exposed to Covid, and we missed her terribly.) We talked about how the pandemic has affected each of us and different ways we’ve coped with it.  Then the conversation turned to dance and we discussed our favorite styles, our pet peeves, benefits we’ve gained, meaningful things our teachers and coaches have taught us, our coolest dance experiences, and some advice and lessons we’ve learned along the way.  And then we engaged in some real talk that all good friends engage in when they want to have meaningful conversations.  We each gave a TED Talk, shared ways to decompress, recommended TV shows, books, and movies, talked about journaling, life hacks, and our heroes.  And then it got off the rails a little bit…took an interesting turn…and we felt the need to discuss the really important things like Britney Spears, Weird Al, Condoleezza Rice, nail polish, Snape, Mother Teresa, and gangster rap.  Consider this a personal invitation to snag a seat at this fun cocktail party around a firepit.  All are welcome at the Larkspur table.  

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