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FLOURISH with Larkspur – Race Relations with Iris Sherman

We’re very excited about new FLOURISH themed episodes for this season’s podcast that will involve other important aspects of our lives besides dance.

 In our first FLOURISH episode, I welcome back my dear friend Iris Lynne Sherman, who gave us all some great advice from her long and varied career as a performer during a Season 1 episode.  This time we engage in some very real and honest talk about the social, racial and civil unrest that has been brought to the forefront by recent events in our country, and she gives her viewpoint as a person of color.  We’re both hoping that this will open up all kinds of dialogue and will inspire other people to have more conversations like this.  

In light of the desire to keep this conversation going, we’ve started a book club!  Please join us in reading Stamped From The Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi, recommended by Iris to help us all become more educated and mindful when it comes to issues dealing with race in our country.  We will   have Iris back on in a couple of months to discuss the book, and would love to hear your input!  You can reach out to melanie@larkspurdance.com, and you can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Hope you join us!  

Notes from this episode: https://www.larkspurdance.com/podcast-notes/flourish-iris-lynne-sherman/

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