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Melanie’s 50th Birthday Episode Pt. 2

I’m joined by the wonderful Nick Clement as guest cohost as we’re continuing to celebrate this milestone birthday.  We talked about surprises that this podcast has brought and some choreo successes and failures.  Then  I spilled the tea or brought the juice or whatever the cool cats are saying these days, by sharing some details and stories about celebrity encounters, dancing for recording artists, being on movie sets, and some wild Whiskey Girl adventures.  Then we got back to the real world in the here and now, and talked about Mr. Larkspur Dance, how we’ve made that work for over 27 years, and the episode is wrapped up with the final 5 of the top 10 life lessons I’ve learned.  It’s been a great birthday week, and I’ve enjoyed celebrating!  Here’s to the next 50 years!  

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