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Melanie’s 50th Birthday Episode Pt. 1

On today’s episode of the podcast, my dear friend, talented choreographer, king of kick, and guest cohost extraordinaire Nick Clement asked me the questions and I gave the answers!  It’s a very forward looking episode, as I  spent a great deal of time talking about where I see Larkspur in 10 years and things I’d like to build upon and accomplish.  But because we are who we are, the conversation meandered to include a recap of the Missouri Dance Team Association’s State Championship that happened virtually this past weekend, Las Vegas shows, Harry Potter, Real Housewives, The View, botox injections, aging, middle aged white woman hip hop, diversity and inclusion, tap dancing, and how chatting with the back row during choreo sessions is THE BEST!  The episode concludes with the sharing of 5 of my top 10 life lessons I’ve learned over the past 50 years.  It’s a wandering but epic saga of an episode, and I can’t wait to do Pt. 2 next week!  

Many thanks to all the people in my dance life for being with me on this journey!  Here’s to many more fabulous years to come!  

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