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Season 4 Relaunch! LDCPS4E11

It’s been a while!  Thank you for your patience as I stepped away from the podcast for a few months.  Why did I have to step away?  Well, I’ve been coaching my former college team!  So many coaches listen to this podcast so you understand just how much time and energy you need to devote to it.  Now that it’s summer, I’ve been able to get back to podcasting and I’m so excited for the rest of Season 4!  Join me and Nick Clement as we get caught up and talk about what’s been going on in our lives and in the dance team world.  

Before I chat with Nick, I’m joined by Rani Reichow of Sharpen Up Dance Team Training.  She tells us all about this fantastic event they are having on August 20th-21st in Phoenix:  The College Cheer & Dance Summit!  Get recruited on the spot, find scholarships, learn valuable audition and recruiting tips, meet coaches and perform collegiate material!  More info can be found at this link and Sharpen Up social media!  

College Summit