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The Confident Dancer Summit with Dr. Chelsea Pierotti – LDCPS4E2

Join us for The Confident Dancer Summit August 6th – 8th, a free online conference for dance coaches and teachers!  You will gain knowledge and skills to teach your dancers to believe in themselves, help your dancers take the stage with confidence, boost your confidence as the educator, learn from a community of like-minded educators so you’re not alone, and start your training at the beginning of the season so your dancers grow all year!  

I’m joined on the podcast by the host of the summit Dr. Chelsea Pierotti, a sports psychologist for dancers.  She gives details on content, speakers, and the All Access Pass that will grant you lifetime access to the summit presentations and some special perks!  

Secure your free ticket to the summit at this link: https://passionatecoach.mykajabi.com/summit-registration?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fpassionatecoach.mykajabi.com%2Fa%2F2147491821%2Fd3SShDWr

I can’t wait to connect with all of you at The Confident Dancer Summit!