Podcast Notes

Performance Makeup and Skincare with Kayla

Kayla Kernel, our resident makeup artist and skincare expert, and I discuss the use of makeup in the dance team world:  how it can enhance your routine, the difference between game day looks and competition, and how to master those pesky false eyelashes.  The last part of the podcast is dedicated to anti-aging and Kayla breaks…
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FLOURISH with Larkspur – Race Relations With Yvonne Cole

In an effort to keep this topic at the forefront, our second episode in our FLOURISH with Larkspur series of the podcast discusses the sensitive topic of race again.  This time I sit down and chat with Yvonne Cole, the longtime coach of the Lindbergh Flyerettes and Missouri Dance Team Association founder and board member,…
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Rob Miller

Rob Miller has influenced and guided the most successful and significant dance team coaches through Proactive Coaching, an organization that  works with coaches to help them create character-based team cultures, provide a blueprint for team leadership, develop confident, tough-minded competitors, and train coaches for excellence and significance.  He is one of my favorite speakers, and…
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