Podcast Notes

Rob Miller

Rob Miller has influenced and guided the most successful and significant dance team coaches through Proactive Coaching, an organization that  works with coaches to help them create character-based team cultures, provide a blueprint for team leadership, develop confident, tough-minded competitors, and train coaches for excellence and significance.  He is one of my favorite speakers, and…
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Andrea Feltz & Mila O’Brien

The coaches of Millard North share their journey with this team that has been climbing the ranks at UDA Nationals!  They share how they’ve gotten successful results, built a support system, and how they perfect routines.   Planning their dance year:  “We usually get our choreography in August or September.  We are busy with football…
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Lindsey Lococo

Lindsey Lococo is the coach and choreographer for the University of Illinois – Chicago Dancing Flames, but her fantastic choreo can also be seen on other high performing teams.  She shares with us her choreo process, what she does to keep things fresh for game day, how she cleans routines, and she also shares some…
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