Podcast Notes

Karl Mundt

Probably like anyone who is reading this, I have been a big fan of Karl Mundt and his work for a long time.  This will go down as one of my absolute favorite podcast episodes because he did not disappoint me on any level, which you can’t always say about someone that you’ve admired when…
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MDTA’s Brett Elder

On this episode of the podcast I talked with my dear friend Brett Elder.  Brett and I go waaaaaay back.  I busted him when he was a coach and I was a camp instructor and he broke the rule about getting food delivered to the dorm.  He eventually started working for the company, and the…
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Melanie’s Dance Story

When Carrie Smith offered to interview me so I could be the one to share my dance story, I was honored and thrilled!  And then I was nervous.  Right before I pushed send on the call where we were going to record the episode, I felt downright nauseous.  A huge shoutout to any of the…
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