Dance Team Recommendations:

We had SO much fun with you guys! The choreography is perfect for our team and we can’t to perform our pom at the first football game. The girls learned awesome pointers during the technique class and of course the team bonding was a blast! Thanks so much again! We can’t wait to have you guys back!
Taryn Schumacher
Head Coach, Seaman Middle School Viking Dance Team


I cannot say enough great things about Larkspur Dance and Choreography.  Melanie Dailey and her team of professionals work in collaboration to create unique, award winning routines.  Our high school dance team hired Larkspur to choreograph a jazz routine for competition.  I was very impressed with the time they took before choreographing the routine to research and view routines from our past contests.  The dancers appreciated the time and detail taken to make sure the dance was taught to their skill and ability.  If a piece of the choreography does not work, Melanie has the knowledge and ability to make adjustments with no disruption to the instructional process.  Melanie and her team returned to another practice to clean the routine to perfection.  The experience Larkspur has with choreography and contests earned this routine first place at the Missouri State Dance Team Competition in one of the most highly regarded divisions.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Larkspur Dance and Choreography!
Cheryl Gray
Head Coach, Raymore-Peculiar Prowlers


Melanie has a wealth of performing and professional experience that are unequaled. Her commitment to the art of dance is evident through her enthusiasm and devotion to her clients. Melanie is well versed in all styles of dance and she has an expansive background in working with and for numerous organizations which require organization, professionalism, and a commitment to educating dancers and coaches alike.
Brett Elder
Missouri Dance Team Association President


Melanie is an excellent dance competition judge.  She is able to quickly assess a team’s skill sets in both choreography and technique.  Melanie’s verbal feedback is constructive and adaptive to the skill level of both the team and director.  Her positive energy is infectious!
Jeffrey Storey
Former President, Mid-Continent Color Guard Association
Judge for multiple organizations
Assistant Principal, Shawnee Mission East High School


Melanie Dailey is an outstanding dance professional. My team has had the pleasure of working with her several times and her support has been wonderful. Melanie and the members of her team came in for routine perfecting sessions. They worked with our existing pom and kick choreography, concentrated on the sections that needed extra attention and focus, and helped us take our routines to the next level.  The sessions were fun but challenging—a perfect “push” right before competition season!
Shelli Vaughan
Head Coach, Notre Dame de Sion Dance Team


Melanie is extremely knowledgeable in the field of dance, demonstrates great professionalism, and provides personal attention when working with individuals and groups. We have appreciated her creative input, attention to detail, and perfect balance of encouragement and critique.
Amy Schirmer
Former Head Coach, Liberty North Golden Girls and Rock Bridge Bruins Girls


As a choreographer, Melanie has the unique ability to create pieces that are interesting and well-developed artistically, but that are also extremely well-tailored to the abilities of the dancers with which she is working. Her pieces feel fresh and she is creative and versatile enough to produce dances that fit teams with different styles and skill levels. For all of these reasons, the pieces she choreographs tend to do extremely well in competition. As a judge Melanie does exactly what you hope a good judge will do – objectively evaluate teams according to the criteria provided on the score sheet while still giving meaningful and focused feedback to the competing teams. Because she has broad experience working on both individual technique and group choreography, she fairly and effectively scores all facets of a routine — unlike many judges who focus too much on one aspect or the other.
Dave Sanchez
Dance Team Competition Judge, Dance Team Union Founder


The Kearney Golden Girls have been participating in the KC Classic for years and are always excited to attend.  It is the perfect way to begin competition season! It is a smaller competition and early in the season so there is not as much pressure on the girls as a large competition. Both the Liberty Sapphires and Larkspur run the competition with professionalism and class.  We always feel welcome and enjoy the day competing.  The awards given are fair and based off of State Dance requirements, which helps teams prepare for State. The Judges Awards are a fun addition to placing at the KC Classic. When you win first place in a category at the KC Classic, Larkspur generously donates time to attend a team practice to assist with cleaning and offer choreography ideas for free. In  the past, we have won multiple cleaning sessions from Larkspur. Melanie and her team have given invaluable advice with cleaning, choreography, added levels, and creative ideas.  Having an outside eye makes a huge difference in adding that extra spark to the routine. I believe Larkspur’s ideas truly help the Golden Girls scores improve at State. Kearney will continue to participate in the KC Classic for years to come!
Heather Oldham
Former Head Coach, Kearney Golden Girls


Tryouts were AWESOME. It really was so helpful, and Fallon and Kayla were great. It was good for all of us to have some outside folks do this, that way it really covered us on the pushback that always surrounds tryouts. We couldn’t have asked for more!
Jessica Hoffecker
Former Head Coach, Staley Emeralds


Thanks to your help and the hard work of my girls we got 1stplace again!  We are going to state with an undefeated routine!!
Jeanette Giangrosso
Head Coach, Center High School Sapphires


Melanie Dailey’s routines have been unique to the strength of each squad that I have coached. She has a strong eye for detail and quickly forms a bond with the squad. Her dedication and knowledge of dance pulls the best out of each squad member. She has been a strong role model for my teams.
Jill Hamerle
Former Head Coach, St. Pius X High School


The one day camp with Larkspur Dance and Choreography was extremely beneficial to our dance team. We were able to bring home ready to use choreography perfect for game days.  Having music and choreography prepared really helped kick off our year.  In addition to choreography, coaches were provided with current dance team information relevant for all dance coaches.  My team loved meeting and sharing a fun day of dance with girls from other dance teams.  They still connect through social media!
Cheryl Gray
Head Coach, Raymore-Peculiar Prowlers


For the past nine years, I have been fortunate enough to coordinate the Kansas City Classic Dance Competition with Melanie.  From this experience, I easily can say she is a delight to work with.  She always has a positive energy, detailed plan and sincere passion for whatever task she is enduring.  Melanie is passionate about dance and how it has impacted her own life.  This is evident in her desire to bring life to the sport for all high school dancers.  The competition serves more as a teaching tool to help build the confidence of dancers and increase their knowledge and understanding of dance.  Melanie is determined to provide the best experience for all participants in the competition.  Through her endless hours of research and planning, this initially small high school dance competition has quickly grown into a successful event for teams to improve in their dance abilities.
Maggie Willis
Head Coach, Liberty Sapphires


Melanie Dailey is an extremely qualified dance judge.  The verbal critiques Melanie gives to dance teams are positive and educational.  The teams can always walk away from the competitions with  ideas on how to improve team technique, choreography, and showmanship.  Melanie Dailey is an outstanding judge!
Kelly Berheide
IHSDTA Judge Coordinator, Choreographer for Orange, Alamo, Liberty and Gator Bowl Games



“Helpful and funny!”
“Good info.”
“Great suggestions and explanation.”
“Best session of the day!  Amazing ideas and tips.  Entertaining!”
“Very entertaining and helpful!”
“Loved this one, so much fun!”
“Great things I can use on Monday at practice.”
“I love Melanie!”
“Very informative and I loved the handouts.”
“She’s very funny.”
“Great information!”
Comments from coaches after attending a Larkspur presentation at the Missouri Dance Team Association Coach Conference



Commercial Dance Recommendations:

When I hired Melanie Dailey to be a server/entertainer for our company, I had no idea how much more I was getting in both Melanie the person and Melanie the professional. Truthfully, we were defining what entertainment would look like as we were opening our venue.  And it was so easy and so successful in large part due to Melanie.  She took what I would call very basic direction and turned it into a choreographed routine that she remade regularly so it did not get stale.  She took ownership of her peers and became their de facto leader and set up voluntary training sessions that every one of her team members attended.  And through collaboration and instruction, combined with everyone’s effort and Melanie’s leadership, a group of servers became a disciplined dance troupe that had everyone from local organizations to world renowned entertainers clamoring for their service.  And I have mentioned that Melanie did her “regular job” at a level as high or higher than anyone I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I know that this praise sounds quite effusive, but Melanie is on the short list of people that I reserve these kinds of statements for.
Samir Mowad
Vice President, Human Resources, Harrah’s NKC


Melanie is alway such a joy to work with. Her dedication to creating a quality production and her professionalism is always something I can count on. She brings a spirit of fun and enthusiasm to everything she does.
Rachel McMeachin
Owner/Head Instructor/Performer, Voler-Thieves of Flight Aerial Ensemble and Academy


I book entertainment for corporate events and private parties and have contracted Melanie Dailey and her dancers to instruct and perform on several different occasions.  They bring both a high degree of professionalism and energy to each and every event.  Melanie customizes her talents to meet the specific needs of each client and event, and her main objective is to ensure the client is happy and the guests are having fun.  Each time I contract Melanie I know I can always count on her to make me look good to my clients.
Lou Dare
Entertainment Coordinator, DARE to be Creative


Melanie and the Whiskey Girls performed with Jack Ingram at a number of events, and they always brought a level of excitement to the shows.  Her choreography and performance definitely added appeal and interest to many Jack Ingram performances, and I hope to work with her again in the future.  Very professional, down-to-earth and fun!
Kyle Wieters
Tour Manager, Randy Rogers Band


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie over the past nine years, providing video of her performances with The Whiskey Girls and Larkspur.  She is very professional and organized, and her material rivals any I have seen on stages across the country.  What strikes me the most about her, though, is how welcome she makes everyone feel when we’re working on a project.  She never loses her grace or humor, and her love for what she does and the people around her is evident.  I’m fortunate to call her a friend and coworker.
Ryan Gray, Cinematographer
Country Music Artists:  Little Big Town, Chuck Wicks, Crystal Shawanda


It’s been a joy to watch Melanie grow her business from formulating its concept to enjoying its success due to her diligence, hard work and commitment.  She really knows how to reach her target market and constantly comes up with creative ways to gain and retain clients.  Her passion, drive, and dynamic personality are Larkspur’s greatest assets!
Mary Mooney Burns
Former Vice President of Marketing and Communication, YMCA of Greater Kansas City
Current Vice President of Advancement, Rockhurst University


Melanie has been an inspiration to many through her expression of dance.  I’ve worked with her for many years, and it’s always been a pleasure.  She’s been choreographing, dancing and teaching for a long time, but she remains current with all styles of dance and music.  She knows what’s now and knows how to teach it!
Anthony Brancato
DJ and Owner, AB Productions


At a recent corporate event, booked by an agent, I was paired with a dance instructor. I was a little nervous because of past experiences and the fact that I had never met the person that I was to be entertaining with. While entertaining a crowd, the last thing a DJ needs is to have to deal with these types of situations and the attitudes that can come from two people trying to push their entertainment agenda. Luckily, I was introduced to Melanie Dailey! Her communication skills and her incredible attitude eased my worries. Thirty minutes into the event my worries were gone and by the end of the event, I was singing her praises. A true professional in this business is a needle in a haystack. Melanie “NEEDLE” Dailey and I have worked together several times since being introduced and I have recommended her to many of my A-list clients and employers. Her dancing talents are matched perfectly with her ability to communicate and teach them to total strangers. She produces a non-pushy enthusiasm in her talents that draw people to her and what she is teaching. I very rarely dance as I am usually focused on mixing and programming but I became caught up in all the excitement and fun that Melanie was producing and the next thing you know, I now know how to do several fun and popular dances. Thanks Melanie!
Kirby Ham, National Mix Show DJ
105.9 Portland, 106.5 Kansas City, 101.9 Memphis, 106.7 Detroit, 102.7 Fresno, 92.5 Denver, 107.7 St. Louis, 99.7 Arkansas, 99.7 Kansas City


Melanie is committed to giving her best at all times.  Many dancers, choreographers, and instructors who have been doing this as long as we have are content to “coast” until retirement and teach the same old styles and tired routines, but not her.  She’s constantly challenging herself to stay in tip top shape and take on different styles whether it’s hip hop or aerial fabrics or the lyra.  She’s also been able to build her company, Larkspur, into a successful choreography and consulting business that also hosts a substantial local dance team competition.  When she was an instructor at my studio, her classes were always well run.  She had an excellent rapport with students of all ages and could adapt routines to fit different skill levels.  I still rely on her for assistance with staging and creative choreography for my studio’s recital.
Katye Baker
Owner, All About Dance by Katye


As Harrah’s Multimedia Specialist, I got the opportunity to work closely with Melanie on many projects when she was leading the Whiskey Girls.  In dance and life, Melanie has the uncanny knack of consistently finding that spark of creativity, smoothly coupled with the experience to bring ideas to fruition.  During our tenure at Harrah’s, she amazed all of us with her knowledge and ability to consistently make things happen.  She’s a real-life cat herder, which is so rare.  You’d be an idiot not to hire this woman.
Joshua Wallingford
Looking Glass Creative
Head of Marketing and Technology, VC99