Show-Me State Showcase


Saturday, February 5th, 2021 at Blue Springs South High School

We're pleased to announce a new location and new format for this event!

The day will consist of an A.M. Session and a P.M. Session.  Each session will have two parts:

1.  Showcase of Team Routines and Solos - Teams and solos go to warm up gym, then inspection, then perform to simulate the Missouri State Dance Team Championship.  Verbal commentary provided on voice recorders by 4 judges, one of which will be safety AND general routine, so teams can count the event as the requirement before state.


2.  Workshop - Routine perfecting for team routines only.  30 minutes will be spent on each routine with a judge specializing in that category or division, concentrating on the most crucial parts to improve team's performance at state and/or nationals.

Why attend the Show-Me State Showcase & Workshop?  

  • Your team routines and solos will get a final look before state and nationals
  • The Show-Me State Showcase & Workshop can be counted as a required qualifying MDTA event before State
  • This event is a showcase, so it will not be counted as one of your allotted competitions by MSHSAA
  • It is a unique opportunity to have problem areas not only pinpointed via verbal critique, but also fixed by seasoned judges
  • The condensed and divided session schedule is perfect for both busy teams and spectators
  • State of the art location for performances and perfecting sessions.

Show-Me State Showcase Judges 

Space is limited!  Once all spots are filled, registration will be closed.          Don't delay!   


Team routines:  $95.00  This includes showcase performance, verbal feedback from 4 judges that will be transferred to a flash drive, inspection run through and safety commentary, and perfecting session of routine with experienced dance team professionals.

Solo routines:  $35.00  This includes showcase performance, verbal feedback from 4 judges that will be transferred to a flash drive, inspection run through and safety commentary.



Larkspur Dance & Choreography was pleased to sponsor the Show-Me State Showcase 2020 with the NKC Stingers in their beautiful new state of the art facility on February 8th, 2020! We saw a need for an event that is fun, low stress and positive where teams and coaches can get valuable feedback on their routines as they prepare for subsequent competitions. So many positives from that day!

Since it was a showcase, and not a competition, it was not counted as one of a dance team’s allotted competitions by MSHSAA. The Show-Me State Showcase was sanctioned by MSHSAA and approved by KSHSAA. It was a qualifier for the Missouri State Dance Team Championship. Verbal feedback was given from each judge, providing teams and coaches with concrete suggestions for improvement. Soloists and coaches got a sneak peek at the facility in which the Missouri State Solo Competition will be held. A safety interpreter was present, alerting teams if there were issues with moves in their routine. It was a great performance opportunity without placements, which provided a more positive mindset for teams and coaches, while still getting feedback. The culminating activity for the event was a selection of routines performed that day that really stood out to the judges. These routines were performed for the other participants of the Showcase after a prize drawing for the coaches! Another highlight of the day: an amazing hip hop class with Kreative Force Choreo!