Summer of 2014

Summer flew by and I was a terribly lazy blogger, so I’m going to just do one big, fat blog post now.

Kayla and I choreographed a pom routine for an adorable team that we love.  Here’s what the choreo sessions looked like:


I did actually snap a photo of all the Hello Kitty stuff that we both had on our persons and now I can’t find it.  There was a set of keys, a couple of pencils, the Larkspur checkbook, and an iPhone.  She IS a cat.  She truly is.  Don’t believe all the hype.

Fallon and I choreographed and set a jazz routine for another team we adore!  It looked like this:


Well, Fallon looked like that.  I looked more like this:


In all honesty, I was channeling this:


A huge thing I learned this summer is I should really be better at taking actual photos at actual sessions and events.  Oh well.  I just never think to because “my hahr” and etc.

I did snap this photo for  another Saddle and Sirloin Club line dancing event.  Of my boots.  Because boot jewelry.  It’s a thing.


And Cassie doesn’t know it yet, but she and I are going to put some finishing touches on another jazz routine in the next few weeks.  She’s had an awesome and amazingly exciting past few months because this happened:


And I’m happy to report that there are some Larkling buns cooking in some ovens right now as we speak!  Natalie is due in February.  The food baby I grew over the summer will be due unfortunately around December and that’s only if I stick to a mad health and fitness regimen.   Life is good nonetheless!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restorative summer filled with goodness and blessings and hot tubs and beaches and 5,6,7,8s!!!